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ST-One appoints Rodrigo Cruz as CEO.

14 de December 1 min. de leitura

The ST-One, a startup that researches and develops Industrial Technology using Data Science proudly announces Rodrigo Cruz R. Gonçalves as its CEO.

Since its beginning, in 2020, the founders Guilherme Francescon Cittolin and Tiago Machado, had the caution of guiding the company with the perspective of scalability, to support new opportunities.

Besides the fact that ST-One is growing, ST-One has grown. That’s why the timing to nominate Rodrigo Cruz, someone who has had several senior leadership roles at Ambev and other entrepreneur experiences, is strategic. For Rodrigo, becoming part of a prominent indtech startup in October 2021 could not result in a better and stable connection, within its founders and investors from F3.

Since then, the partnership has resulted in the expansion of ST-One, not only to over 20 countries across the world, but also has tripled its customer base, and expanded within most recurrent clients. At an internal perspective, ST-One has as well quadrupled its employees and has just grown to a new headquarters, in Curitiba – BR.

ST-One is still aiming a disruptive future, therefore is taking action towards it.


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