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The chemical industry is competitive and always look foward to meet new market demands, creating relevant propositions.

Indústria  <br>Química" title="Indústria

Therefore, maintaining the factory floor with cutting-edge technology
that translates the most relevant data so that value analyzes can be carried out is essential.

ST-One Solution

  • The ST-One Solution allows the data of your industry to be collected and, through an intelligent algorithm, to be classified and organized.

    Química - ST-One
  • Our data scientists take care of the data and create dynamic dashboards in an easy-to-view interface that can be accessed from any device.

    Química - ST-One
  • The flexibility of our SaaS solution, combined with Data Science, allows us to map and create solutions to prevent future adversities.

    Química - ST-One

Case Success

Find out more about how we help our clients improve performance, monitor quality and maintenance indicators, support important Research and Development decisions, assist in the management of natural resources and raw materials, among other possible applications:

Case Success

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