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Be part of this change! Be the Best, Be ST.

We are a startup that change what is happening in the world. We are part of the new era of industrial digitalization through data science.

Be part of this change!

And to make change happen, we are an expanding team! Among the People, Funding, Operations, Analytics, Development and Administrative departments, each one plays a fundamental role so that industries around the world can have the right data, at any time.

Venha fazer parte da mudança!

Why choose ST-One?

  • Estamos entre as top #30 no Ranking 100 Open Startups

    We are among the top #30 in the 100 Open Startups Ranking

    Nosso crescimento é reflexo do bom trabalho e impacto positivo dentro da indústria.

  • Somos #1 na categoria LGBTQIA+ do 100 Open Startups

    We are #1 in the LGBTQIA+ category of 100 Open Startups

    Sendo o maior case de empreendedorismo LGBTQIA+ do país. Diversidade, inclusão e visibilidade são valores essenciais para a ST-One.

  • Estamos sempre aprendendo

    We are always learning

    Nossos times estão em constante contato, compartilhando ideias e conhecimentos de diferentes áreas.

  • Cada passo importa

    Every step matters

    Nenhuma conquista passa despercebida, o reconhecimento é essencial para manter um ambiente de trabalho saudável e proativo.

  • Flexibilidade


    We believe in people and in the power of each person to know what is best for themselves, so we offer a collaborative space, flexible schedules and remote work options.

  • Saúde e bem-estar

    Health and wellness

    Our employees have medical and dental health plan coverage, with no co-participation and extended to their dependents.

  • Desenvolvimento Profissional e Pessoal

    Professional and Personal Development

    We offer opportunities for professional growth and encourage the development of our employees: we provide a monthly training budget, we also have an internal leadership development program, and we encourage participation in cultural activities through our Vale Cultura.

  • Apoio Financeiro

    Financial support

    In order to contribute to the financial organization of our team, we offer classic benefits such as food vouchers, meal vouchers and transport vouchers.

ST-One: Inside out

Be part of this change.
Be the Best, Be ST

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