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New connectivity protocol: Atlas Copco

14 de December 3 min. de leitura

Solution opens new paths to more efficient industries

The application of the ST-One solution aims to solve the industry’s pain points, using data science, bringing more innovation to the production environment. This process is done through our proprietary hardware, which now has another compatibility protocol: Atlas Copco air compressors.

Atlas Copco is one of the global leaders in compressed air solutions for almost every industry. Monitoring this type of asset is essential to understand parameters such as energy consumption and compressed air generation capacity, as well as facilitating the search for leaks and waste.

The use of air compressors represents around 12% of the electricity consumption used in the industry in total, which indicates the importance of this equipment within the industrial scenario. The generation of compressed air, whether high or low pressure, will be a technology guaranteed to be present for several years, given its flexibility and ease of installation.

Industrial air compressors can be free from oil residue or use them in their operation. In the oil-free case, the device is lubricated using specialized water or coatings such as PTFE to reduce friction. The equipment manufactured by Atlas Copco covers a wide range of compressors: rotary screw and teeth, centrifugal, piston, water injection and scroll. Each type has its own characteristics and specific applications, in the oil-free case the focus is on applications where air quality is essential for the final product, without running the risk of impurities or contamination. In compressors with oil injection, during compression the liquid is injected directly into the compressor chamber, in a quantity that minimizes leakage and cools the gas.

Compressor data enriches analysis

The use of data intelligence in air compressors can bring several advantages to the industry. Using the ST-One solution, it is possible to identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved, resulting in cost savings, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions. It also allows predictive maintenance, as by having access to the important metrics of this equipment, it is possible to predict failures before they occur, reducing downtime and facilitating repair planning. Furthermore, the production process is optimized, as it increases the equipment’s efficiency and improves its productivity, as the time that would be allocated to maintenance is now converted into compressor operating time.

Another benefit that occurs as a result of the application is more assertive decision-making, as with the analyzed data it is possible to have a better view of the process as a whole, leading to actions that bring more results. In addition to all these advantages, monitoring the equipment – paying attention to issues such as leakage and percentage of air consumption during a given period – brings more stability, reliability and availability to meet future demands.

The next stage of connectivity in the industry

Data collection on compressor devices is a differentiator for your industry. ST-one joins a select group of connectivity solutions that are compatible with equipment from the beginning to the end of production processes, covering everything from utility areas to the last stages of production.

ST-One works to develop disruptive and revolutionary technology that helps the industry reach the next stage of connectivity and intelligence. By connecting with more of this equipment, it demonstrates how every day more data can be the engine for increasing productivity in industries.


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