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The optimal use of Raw Material improves industry Performance

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ST-One transforms the industry to a new level of productivity, and it does so through a Solution that is enhanced with each new challenge. Data science can be applied in the most diverse sectors of the industry and allows them to reach the next stage of connectivity and intelligence.

The ST-One Solution is used for various types of applications and sectors and, in this case, this is explored in a multinational food company. The factory used data science to reduce the waste of raw materials during the production process, and improve the quality of the product produced.

This factory identified variations in the delivery of the final product. Thus, the ST-One Solution was used to understand the reasons that led to this variation in the established revenue pattern. When carrying out this monitoring, it was discovered that the problem was at the time of the delivery of ingredients for the mixture, which happened irregularly with some frequency.

According to the CNI (National Confederation of Industry), in the article “Better use of natural resources and value generation” (2019), 56.5% of industries have already sought some type of optimization in production. This is doneby improving production processes in order to reduce material waste. In addition, the lack or high cost of raw materials is the biggest concern of the Brazilian industrial sector. The topic is addressed in the article “Lack of raw materials is the biggest concern of industries, points out CNI” (2021), published on the CNN Brasil website. These and other issues can be seen as an incentive for the implementation of disruptive technologies in the industrySuch innovations help in the creation of a more efficient production line that uses fewer and fewer resources to achieve good results.

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raw material improves industry

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